About Caribbean

About Caribbean Renaissance Enterprises

Our mission and goals of this enterprise is to improve lives in Haiti and in the Caribbean neighbors. Our goal is to create a platform for entrepreneur, investors, and donors to find a way to support less privilege people across the world. The financial and technical contributions will play a major role in the process. Our purpose for this country is to reduce poverty and improve the inequality system that plagued the nation. We plan to help and improve health and education, and advance infrastructure. Our aim is to achieve development in a sustainable, climate-friendly way. With a history dating back to 1954 disparity of wealth, today we are the frontier source of development financing for the new and smart city of Haiti and the Caribbean. We will provide jobs, housing for a competitive price, technical assistance, job trainings; and we will conduct extensive research in the region to better improve the lives of the people. We will maintain a strong commitment to achieving measurable results and the highest standards of ethics, increased integrity, transparency, and accountability in all our endeavors.

The enterprise current focus areas include three development challenges – social inclusion and inequality, productivity and innovation, economic integration and Education – and three cross-cutting issues – gender equality and diversity, climate change and environmental sustainability; and  institutional capacity to educate and the rule of law; To learn more about the 21st Century technology and the current Institutional Strategy.