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Conversation of energies

Today, energy is indispensable to daily life all over the globe. Nevertheless, it is clear that energy cannot be consumed without limit given the finite nature of resources and environments.

The consumption of abundant amounts of energy today unavoidably releases huge amounts of waste energy to the surrounding environment from houses, offices, shops, factories, subways sand other facilities.

Heat pumps can raise the temperature of waste heat to a usable temperature range with the use of a small quantity of driving energy. In this way heat pumps act like water pumps, which can lift river water to a higher elevation by using a small amount of driving energy.

Thus if a piping network for gathering and transporting waste heat is available, heat pumps can efficiently supply useful heat to customers by recovering energy from waste heat.

If the waste heat of cities can be recovered, a kind of energy recycling system can be constructed using heat pump technology. This will result in the efficient use of energy and the conservation of our precious natural environment.



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